Zealous Good

I replied to a general call for assistance from Zealous Good founder and CEO Brittany Martin Graunke via Twitter - the organisation were readying to launch their new website design, but needed a catchy slogan to place at the top.

The existing headline was "Connecting donations to charities in need.", which sums up exactly what Zealous Good is all about - rather than blindly placing donated items with the charities they support, they are a kind of matchmaking service, deciding exactly which charities would benefit most from a particular item, and making sure that it reaches the best recipient.

However, Zealous Good needed something a bit snappier for their relaunch, so I offered to send over a few suggestions.

Choosing the Best Tagline

Within ten minutes, I had sent three possibilities over to Brittany:

Helping make gifts of the things you give.

This one's not ideal, as it contains the slightly vague word 'things'. However, I felt that it helped to make clear that donations are not just handed over and forgotten about - every item represents a 'gift', in that it is directed towards the most beneficial recipient. In this way, each donation becomes more thoughtful, without needing any extra work on the part of the giver.

Helping your goods to do the most good.

This one's a little wordy, but I wanted something that would play on the idea of 'goods' being material possessions, alongside 'good' as the positive outcome of a donation. In both of the above examples, I wanted to start with a verb - in both cases, 'Helping' - to highlight the role of Zealous Good in achieving the desired positive outcome.

All Give, No Take.

Clearly more of a sales slogan than either of the lines above, I offered this simply for comparison - along with a warning that it could come across as a little impersonal for the type of work Zealous Good are involved in.

The Final Decision

As you can see from the screenshot, Zealous Good eventually decided to go with the slightly altered "Helping your goods do great.", a variation on the second option I'd listed for them.

The final version is snappier than my original idea, but I think it still achieves all of the same ambitions, and I'm delighted that I was able to suggest something that was reflected in the final wording of Zealous Good's website.

It also allowed Zealous Good to differentiate themselves from other organisations that operate in the US with taglines similar to my original suggestion - an important step in making sure the Zealous Good brand is able to develop with the strength and individuality that it deserves.

Zealous Good's site launched in early February and I was equally delighted that Brittany emailed me to let me know - it looks great, and I'm sure it's going to help a lot of deserving causes.

To visit the Zealous Good website, please click here.