Printables: Eurovision Bingo 2019

It's BACK! By popular demand, here are this year's printable Eurovision bingo cards.

I've deliberately made them black and white and easy to read (well as easy as possible) so you can print them out without using a ton of ink, if you wish.

There's a mix of things - some are pretty much guaranteed to happen, some will probably happen multiple times, and some will need a bit of attention to spot.

I *think* if I've got this right, you should be able to score a full house by the end of the main show, even before all the voting starts.

Parental guidance: Probably a 12A rating, there's a mention of bondage in there. Amish bondage.

To play along, just print out (or write out by hand) as many of the above bingo cards as you need. If you need more than four, just write out some extras by moving some of the squares into different positions.

All four cards have the same squares, just in different places - so if you're drinking along, don't worry, you'll all be equally rat-arsed by the time the horror of the voting begins.

If you're still thirsty for more, here's the Eurovision Voting Drinking Game:

The Eurovision Voting Drinking Game

Choose a country. Usually this is the country whose song you liked the most, but it's a free choice. You can choose the same country as someone else, but if you want to all choose different countries, that's fine too.

(If there's anywhere near 26 of you, you might want to make it a sweepstake and draw countries out of a hat instead of choosing them yourself.)

God only knows what your country will score, so feel free to apply any of these rules:
  • Drink when you score 12.
  • Drink when you score 8 or more.
  • Drink when you score anything at all.
  • Drink when you score nothing.

You probably won't want to apply ALL of those rules, unless you're really up for some punishment.

If it's not going well, feel free to incorporate these BONUS RULES:
  • Drink when the UK scores 12.
  • Drink when the UK scores 8 or more.
  • Drink when the UK scores anything at all.
  • Drink when the UK scores nothing.

And in the unfortunate event that you foolishly CHOSE the UK or drew the poor Brexity sods out of the hat, or in any event if you want more reasons to drink, you can also take a shot if:
  • There's a massive delay on any country's live results video link.
  • Any country's celeb is beyond awkward or makes a terrible, terrible joke.
  • The UK's results are read by someone you really, really hate.
  • The winning country becomes massively obvious.

Finally, the BONUS BONUS ROUND, drink as much as you want of whatever you've got left if the voting has stopped making any sense to you and/or the country that had clearly won looks in danger of losing once they start throwing in the results of the 'national juries'.