Freelance Writing for SEO Agencies

The vast majority of SEO agencies offer search-optimised blog posts as part of their service; however, if you don't have a large team of talented writers in-house, you could soon encounter problems.

You need to make sure you have enough copywriter capacity at your disposal to meet your clients' needs, as well as to deal with any sudden increase in demand.

Equally, however, an in-house team may be much harder to downsize if demand drops.

This is where freelance copywriters can help your agency to capitalise on demand for SEO blogging from clients.

The Need for Freelance SEO Copywriters

I've already mentioned the flexibility of freelance copywriters to allow agencies to increase or decrease their editorial capacity in the short term.

We can provide equally good content, often with the briefest of briefs, and we'll usually be willing to make any necessary amendments at no extra cost.

For my part, I tend to quote a price up-front based on word count, so you have a solid idea of how much a batch of content will cost, regardless of how long I end up spending on it.

Freelancer SEO blogging can help you to overcome:
  • sudden spikes in client demand
  • in-house copywriter sickness and holiday absence
  • last-minute and short-deadline orders
  • being let down by a less reliable freelancer
That last point should not reflect badly on all freelancers - some of us are extremely reliable, some others not so much.

I have handled several last-minute orders without missing a deadline, including plenty of same-day turnarounds of content that needed to be sent over to designers, or for agencies with clients' contractual targets to meet.

One example is BloggerzAreUs, a specialist provider of blog content, news and static web copy for online casinos, casino comparison sites and other web-based firms mainly in the hospitality, leisure and entertainment industries.

With a strong focus on client satisfaction, and regular news updates required by several different customers, it takes motivation and commitment to keep on course with the content BloggerzAreUs need on an ongoing basis, but the result is frequently among my most satisfying work.

Hiring a Freelance SEO Blogger

I do not only work for Manchester SEO blogging agencies; I have similar clients in other parts of the country, too. BloggerzAreUs, for instance, are based in Somerset.

I'm also familiar with US English, having provided the content for the new Boston office of my former employer, the London-based online news agency Adfero, until it was established enough to hire an in-house American editorial team.

Wherever you are, and whatever you need, I can begin to supply you with content very quickly and easily.

Simply let me know what you need - number of articles, frequency of delivery, topic area (as broad or specific as you want) and any target keywords to be included for SEO.

I will reply and let you know:
  1. if I have the capacity to take your contract
  2. my usual price for the amount of content you need
  3. whether I need any more information to begin producing your content
I'm generally happy to provide an example article, which you are welcome to reject at no cost, or to pay and use as the first piece in our collaboration.

What Am I Good At?

Like most freelance copywriters, blogging is one of my core services.

Unlike some, however, I approach the task from a number of angles at once:
  • I have been a webmaster since 1998, so can incorporate HTML and SEO into blog posts to enhance search visibility and break up paragraphs - improving readability and visual appearance;
  • I worked in an online news agency for five years, giving me professional access to several press-only websites for source material, and a personal database of almost 700 RSS feed subscriptions I monitor for items relevant to my blogging clients;
  • I studied Language, Literacy and Communication at the University of Manchester, receiving a BA(Hons) for a course that incorporated web design, an understanding of language at the phoneme, morpheme, syllable, word, sentence, paragraph and whole-text levels, and a dissertation based around subliminal advertising in text ostensibly written to entertain;
  • I also have an educational background in Physics (and am an Associate Member of the Institute of Physics) - during three semesters of my Physics with Astronomy degree at the University of Manchester, which I ultimately left to pursue writing as a career, I wrote several essays and lab reports. Technical writing is a discipline in itself, and I am always delighted when a particularly technical subject arises in my freelance work.
If you are in an industry that requires a little extra research or technical knowledge, I will almost certainly be able to learn the science behind what you do quickly and comprehensively - this has helped me in the past with topic areas ranging from power transformers and generators, to laser skin resurfacing.

Even if you are in a non-technical area, I can provide you with high-quality content that highlights the legitimacy of your business, if it might otherwise appear frivolous.

What Next?

Check my portfolio pages for brief examples of my past work - they are by no means comprehensive, so let me know if you need a more specific example. I wrote 30,000 articles during my five years at Adfero (and that's a somewhat conservative estimate) so it's very unlikely that I won't have at least touched on your industry area at some point in the past.

Check my testimonials to see the words of satisfied former (and current) clients of mine. I publish these unedited - whatever they choose to highlight as being worthy of praise, that's what goes between the quote marks. It's a continually growing area of this blog, and one that makes me very proud.

Finally, get in touch. I'm friendly, and won't pester you with marketing emails once you've given me your address. I spend most of my non-writing time chatting on Twitter, so come and join me on there if you want to make a particularly informal query.

Once we're in contact, we can discuss any specific needs you might have, and come up with a mutually acceptable pricing and delivery structure so that I can get your first content over to you in time for your deadline, however soon it might be.