My standard rate for all general writing work is:

£100 per 1,000 words

For that you get all reasonable research, writing, formatting, SEO considerations, reasonable edits/amends and direct upload to your website, if you want.

I usually agree a word count upfront and charge accordingly - so if you want a minimum 500 words, it's £50, and I won't charge extra if I go over the count slightly.

I'm open to offers, especially for very clear or simple briefs where you just want something writing to fill the space, and won't expect multiple revisions to get it word-perfect.

That being said, of course I work hard to get content spot-on at the first attempt, and my headline rate includes any time spent reading your website to get to grips with your tone of voice, and so on.

If you have a specific budget in mind and want to get as much as you can for your money, get in touch, I'm always happy to put together a package to try and meet your needs, whatever the budget.

All enquiries welcome - even if I can't meet you in the middle, I'll always try to suggest an alternative.