Copywriting for Creative Artists

I'm passionate about what I do - I've been writing creatively since before I can remember, and every major gamble of my life so far has been related to the pursuit of my dream of being a writer.

At 16, I chose to study A-level English Language when my sixth form college had no extra-curricular creative writing groups to join. My friends all studied Geography.

At 20, I made one of the hardest decisions of my life, abandoning an Astrophysics degree after passing three semesters, and moving to an obscure course, BA Language, Literacy and Communication, due to all the 'proper' English degree programmes being full.

At 27, I took another gamble, quitting my job as an agency-based online news writer to pursue freelance opportunities.

Each time, I'm convinced that I made one of the best decisions of my life so far - and the drive (some might say obsession) that led to each of those decisions is something I know many people in creative disciplines have to deal with for themselves.

As a writer, I am almost uniquely positioned to sell myself as a creative individual - I can explain and describe exactly what it is that I do, whereas people in disciplines from photography to music to web design are not so well placed to do that.

If you're in a visual or audio discipline, for instance, your artistic output is unlikely to be as search-visible as my text, making it difficult to lead so seamlessly from a search for, say, 'wedding photographer' to examples of your best work.

However, I can help. I understand the creative mind in a way that I'm sure many other copywriters do - but I have a particularly high degree of empathy.

I find it easy to adopt the mindset of most creative artists, writing from their point of view in a way that not only understands their creative process, but successfully puts it into words.

Don't take my word for it - read my testimonials and you will see several examples of where I have written on behalf of a creative individual, and captured the exact sentiment of what they were trying to say for themselves.

I believe strongly in supporting passionate individuals - I will never knowingly oversell you content, but will only ever suggest what I think you need in order to attract more visitors - and more relevant visitors - to your website or blog.

My pricing structure is flexible to suit big and small jobs, and I'm experienced at spreading even the smallest of jobs over an extended period of time, so that your costs at any one time are manageable.

Just because you are an individual, it does not mean that you have to do everything alone. I can provide you with content that accurately portrays your creative process, which you can still tweak to suit your own tone of voice if you choose.

Whatever you need, let me know, and I will happily advise you on the options. Together, we can produce text for your site, blog, flyer or brochure that sells your artistic insight effectively and economically.