Premium Content Marketing Service

I'm a writer, first and foremost; but sometimes, words aren't enough, and not all freelancers have experience of the slightly more technical aspects of HTML, SEO and so on.

For that reason, I've created my premium content marketing package, a fixed-price yet flexible monthly service for webmasters who need a range of search-optimised content that gives them the best overall chance of ranking highly in Google (and Yahoo!, and Bing...).

Here's the summary:
  • Fixed fee of £100 per calendar month;
  • 1,000 words of content:
    • Typically 3x 200-word blog/news updates AND
    • 1x 400-word static page or more detailed blog post;
    • OR up to 10x 100-word e-commerce product pages AND
    • blog or news updates for remaining word count.
  • SEO keyword inclusion in all on-page text;
  • Further on-page SEO1:
    • 'alt' and 'title' text for hyperlinks and images;
    • optimised meta keywords and description tags, and page title;
    • optimised markup for image and video objects using schema.org2;
    • validated Google Authorship inclusion (your own profile, or mine).
  • Royalty-free images for each page3;
  • Additional text priced at £5 per 100 words.
I've worked hard to think of everything I can reasonably provide to you, within the limits of what's achievable in on-page content and SEO.

Because of that, I think this is literally everything that's likely to be achievable within most commonly used content management systems - and if you can think of anything extra to add on, just ask.

And as always, the specific balance of content is flexible - so if you need something that you think is a good fit for the general service outlined above, but differs in the details, let me know.

1To the extent possible within your current content management system (CMS). is a system that helps to make non-text content more visible to search engines.
3Approx. one image per 100 words - how can images for commercial pages be royalty-free?