About Me

I am Bob 'Bobble' Bardsley, I was born in 1983 and I've been typing since about 1985. By 1986 I could hand write, too, as computers weren't everywhere back then.

Since then I've learned the English language from every angle - I've studied its building blocks at the phoneme, morpheme and syllable level, how they go together as words, sentences and paragraphs, and how we turn those into meaning when we read.

I know what makes people tick - how language can influence the decisions they make, and the sentence structures that make them particularly susceptible to suggestion. I read the Journal of Consumer Psychology for fun.

My first website launched in 1998 and I've worked as a professional copywriter - both freelance and in an agency setting - since 2006. Clients ask for me by name and my satisfaction rating is near-perfect.

On a personal level, I'm committed to the task in hand and more than ready to adapt to meet the specific needs of my client. I'll make suggestions, too, if I think there's a better way of doing something - and I take criticism well.