eBook Ghostwriting

I've recently been doing some eBook ghostwriting for a client (who, for obvious reasons, I'll leave unnamed), and it got me to thinking - just because you're an expert in your field, why should you be expected to be able to write about it expertly?

Nearly three decades of concerted effort have brought my writing to its current standard, and I still continue to learn new quirks of grammar and origins of phrases that I never knew before - such as the correct spelling of the phrase "the strait and narrow".

Likewise, I've been building websites for nearly 15 years and, before I learned HTML, I started out using desktop publishing software to lay out my designs and then simply opting for 'save as HTML' or 'publish for web', depending on the program used.

Now, I don't claim to be a graphic designer, but if what you need is some well-written text, laid out in a paginated format, either with or without placeholders for you to add graphics, I can do that.

eBook Text

If you're planning on selling your eBook, it probably needs to be written to a higher standard than most blog posts are. Even if you intend to give it away for free, slightly more attention to detail and a focus on good grammar can help your eBook to come across as an authoritative publication, rather than a blog post saved as a PDF.

You can provide me with any level of detail - you might not even have a title, or you may have a series of blog posts that need bringing together as a cohesive publication - and I will do my best to mimic your usual tone of voice in what I write.

As with any project, I'll send over the text as soon as it's ready and make any reasonable amendments as requested - the more detail you provide at the outset, the better able I will be to give you the text you hoped for in the first draft.

If you want to get the book laid out elsewhere, that's fine, I'm happy to work to target word counts to make sure everything will fit when you get it to the designers.

eBook Layouts

If you hire me to write your eBook, I can also lay it out for you in Microsoft Word, Publisher or as a PDF. The last option is probably only best if you don't want to add graphics later, or if you supply me with some images to use from the outset, as it will make things a little harder to edit later.

My layouts typically incorporate a relevant and subtle colour scheme, depending on the subject matter of your book, along with basic graphics such as darker backgrounds for pull-quotes, dividing lines and borders. It's not rocket science, but equally I'm happy to do it for the original price of the project, rather than haggling over additional costs.

When you're publishing a book online, rather than in print, you're probably less likely to incur any extra costs for using a bit of colour (subject to the whimsy of any eBook store you choose to sell it through, that is), so it makes sense to opt for something that is a departure from grayscale, but is not too gaudy.

eBook Enquiries

You can contact me about your eBook in the usual way, and I will get back to you as promptly as I can.

Please bear in mind that larger projects will take longer - I've just completed three 2,500-word books, laid out with image placeholders, in less than three weeks, but the longer you can give me, the better!

All enquiries welcome - as always, no job is too small (and I'll have a damn good go at massive jobs, too).