Jennifer Whalen Photography

Jennifer Whalen Photography publishes an annual 'imagezine', showcasing some of photographer Jennifer Whalen's most inspiring images from the past 12 months and giving existing and potential clients the chance to see what their own wedding could look like through the eyes of this talented and dedicated Minnesota-based artist.

Jennifer takes a unique approach to photography, avoiding the stiffly posed shots that sap the life out of many ceremonies, but also steering clear of unposed action shots. Instead, she looks to capture the spirit of the day, taking in all of the colour of the event and making the most of its geographical surroundings to enhance the effect.

I consulted with Jennifer on the wording of the captions for her 2012 Imagezine - she knew what she wanted to say, but wasn't 100% sure on the wording. I was able to supply her with a list of candidate captions from which she was able to choose her favourites.

After a further round of editing to get the tone of voice exactly right - and to remove certain specific words that Jennifer felt are used too often by photographers (such as the slightly cliched 'capturing the moment') - we settled on a list of captions that Jennifer was happy with.

Ultimately, she took the bones of what I had supplied and made final changes before publication. As a fellow creative type, I fully understand the importance of putting a personal stamp on things, and can appreciate why Jennifer wanted to do the same with her copy!

The Imagezine was published in early 2012 and Jennifer quickly handed out all of her available copies, making a reprint a necessity. I'm thrilled to have been able to provide consultation services and candidate copy on this project, which has clearly been a great success.

On a separate note, I'm also delighted to add this project to my portfolio - I'm a huge believer in the power of even small amounts of good-quality copy, and Jennifer's Imagezine proves the power of a handful of words when they accompany breathtaking images.

I hope to work with other creative artists in the future to bring our unique talents together - and if you're interested but think your project might be too small, just get in touch, I'm sure I'll be able to help.

For more information about Jennifer Whalen, visit her website here or view her 2012 Imagezine here.