How to stop virus/hack (AKA Last Visits Official spam app)

You may have seen a particularly pernicious piece of spam circulating on Twitter, in the form of the virus (although it's not really a virus, as I'll explain in a moment).

You can recognise spam tweets as they contain this image.

The virus/hack is one of those 'see who follows you' types of website and claims to tell you exactly who has viewed your Twitter profile recently.

Although it isn't a virus - because it doesn't install malware directly on to your computer - and it isn't a hack either, because it doesn't illegally access your account, it's still not immediately obvious how to fix a infection.

But if you've been hacked by (also known as 'Last Visits Official') you are not alone - the Twitter widget below gives an idea of just how many spam tweets this app is putting out.

How to delete virus

Remember, is NOT actually a virus. You don't need to run any antivirus software, app or program to remove - you just need to deactivate it in your Twitter settings.

To do this, go directly to or on the Twitter website, click on your circular profile icon at the top-right and then choose Settings and privacy and then scroll down and click on Apps.

If you have been hacked by, somewhere in the Apps list there should be something that is - it might be listed under that name or it might be listed as Last Visits Official, or something similar.

Click to Revoke access and the spam app will no longer have access to post tweets onto your personal Twitter profile.

If you want, there should also be a link to Report Last Visits Official/ as spam, which will help to get it deactivated by Twitter once and for all.

A lot of guides on how to remove Last Visits Official also recommend changing your password, once you've revoked access and deleted the spam tweets from your profile. I don't personally think this is necessary - it's just a Twitter app/extension, not an actual hack - but it's up to you if you want to be confident that nobody has unauthorised access to your account.


The short version:

  • On Web Twitter, go to Settings then Apps.
  • Revoke access to or Last Visits Official.
  • Optional: Report the app to Twitter.
  • Optional: Delete the spam tweets it has posted to your profile.
  • Optional: Change your Twitter password for maximum security.