Jennifer Whalen

Jennifer Whalen is a Minnesota-based photographer who publishes an annual Imagezine showcasing her latest work.

For her 2012 Imagezine, she enlisted my help to provide candidate text for her on-page captions and pull-quotes, which she provided a first round of feedback on. I edited the captions again, and Jennifer then made final tweaks before using her favourites in her publication.

The Jennifer Whalen Photography 2012 Imagezine was published early in the new year and all the available copies were quickly distributed to clients, leading to a reprint. For me, it was a thrill to collaborate with an artist in a different creative discipline than my own, and a great example of how words and pictures can work together to create something stunning.

Jennifer says...
"Bob responded for my tweet about needing a copywriter for my annual magazine publication that I hand out to potential clients. The job wasn't super-big but, as a visual artist, it's hard for me to articulate exactly what I want to communicate to future clients. Bob was able to provide insights and ideas about how to best communicate ideas in a concise way. He was able to word ideas in a way that was still my voice. I would recommend Bob to visual artists!"
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