Rightmove Overseas

Rightmove Overseas were one of my long-term clients during my five years at Adfero. I supplied them with regular news content about their target market - overseas property in a number of popular holiday destinations.

Feature content helped to boost the SEO effect of the shorter, daily posts, and Rightmove Overseas were happy to give me a byline, which I still appreciate.

While I admit it was sometimes a challenge finding news content about a relatively short list of destinations, I was able to settle on a mix of tourism-related research, new transport routes, and less time-sensitive travel-guide posts.

As I write this, Rightmove Overseas still rank at number one for 'property in Portugal' on Google, and I was pleased to hear from them not long after I first joined Twitter.

Rightmove Overseas say...
"They were good articles... I can't imagine it's easy to think of something new to write that often. It must take some talent and concentration."
(Comments originally made via Twitter)

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