Topic Shifts on Social Networks

He's hundreds of years old, yet never seems to age. He's usually pictured wearing a red and white ensemble. And he's pretty much at the furthest extreme of the 'good vs evil' spectrum.

Given the time of year, you might be thinking of Santa Claus. I'm not - I'm thinking of Mumm-Ra the Ever-Living, the spirit of true evil and sworn enemy of the ThunderCats.

Perhaps it's just that I'm male and of the right age, but the word 'ever-living' will always instantly make me think of Mumm-Ra - it's an unshakable association that's lasted me for over 20 years now.

Even so, the sequence of topic shifts that led me and @copybeard from Santa to Sir Jimmy Savile is an impressive example of how, on social networks, you'd better be ready to roll with the punches, regardless of where they may take you...