Adventures in Wedding Poetry

My brother got married last week and I, along with my sister, had the honour of giving a reading during the ceremony.

I've done two wedding readings before this one - at the first, my sister's wedding, I chose a poem to read out. At the second, my friends Mat and Bec chose a poem for me to read. This time, I wrote something.

The finished piece is not supposed to be overly moving, as my brother didn't really want anything over the top. Luckily for all concerned, there was a screaming child right at the beginning, which turned the opening line into more of a punchline.

'Oli' is my nephew. I'm probably a little biased, but he's already a little legend in my eyes, so I had to name-drop him. Critics, before you say it, yes I know I didn't use many of the names in rhyming positions - but tough luck, the audience liked it and I think the bride and groom did too, and that's the main thing!

I'm thinking of offering this as a paid service, so if you want something similar to the below, let me know and we can work on something that's right for the bride and groom in your life... meanwhile, I hope Grant and Claire enjoy many happy years together.

Wedding Poem for Grant and Claire

When everything around you
Fades into background noise
And material possessions
Seem like a child's toys

When you feel as though you're flying
With the birds and planes above
To others, you may seem crazy
But to the two of you, it's love

No annoyances or distractions
Can shake you from your path
The magic of your love
Is in the sound of Oli's laugh

There may be ups and downs
And bumps along the way
But each of us supports you
On this, your wedding day

Friends, family, those who care
are here to witness and to share
in celebration of this pair;
the joyful marriage of Grant and Claire.