My Christmas Wish

To all of my virtual friends, whether you are on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, by email or in some much-maligned chat room elsewhere on the web, I have this to say...

May your glass be ever full
or your mug, with wine to mull
that your weekends are not dull.
But in the week, sobriety
and empathetic piety
enhance your notoriety
when out upon the pull.

May the words that meet your ear
be filled with festive winter cheer
and love for those that you hold dear.
For in these cold, inclement climes,
I wish you all the best of times
(if in these wooden, stilting rhymes
beset upon by beer).

My friends, I say it simply
with cheeks, from smiling, dimply,
from Withington to Timperley -
I love you all, my dears!
You help me through the years
and set aside my fears
(and that, I do say wimpily!).

So let's, together, delve
into what's upon the shelves
for two thousand and twelve.
As the chimes of Big Ben ring
and 'Auld Lang Syne' starts to sing,
let's face what the year may bring,
together, on our selves.

Heartfelt festive wishes to you all, my internet lovelies, and best of luck for the year to come.