What to Write for #CommentTuesdays

Want to join in with #CommentTuesdays but not sure what to write? In principle, anything will do, but you can do your commenters a favour by keeping them in mind while you're writing.

That means:


- Choose something that's actually worthy of comment. Don't rehash the same old topics you've seen a thousand times before, or there'll be nothing new to say.

- Don't be too balanced in your post - you're inviting comment, so it's OK if people disagree with you. For once, present your opinion even if you usually play it safe, and don't be offended or annoyed if your readers disagree.


- Leading on from the point above, be sure to give your readers openings to comment. Be clear about the argument you are presenting, or the points you'd like them to comment on. Ask outright questions if it's appropriate. But also be prepared for them to comment on issues you hadn't even realised existed in what you wrote.

- Don't compromise your own style too much, but remember that #CommentTuesdays is about inviting debate. It's a chance to be a bit more controversial than you might ordinarily feel comfortable with.


- Make your post long enough to give people something to comment on. The idea of #CommentTuesdays is that they'll actually read your post in full before commenting, so it's your chance to make your voice heard on your own blog, as well as on other people's.

- HOWEVER, don't overdo it. Remember that some people will want to read and comment on several posts over the course of the day, so don't monopolise their time too much!


- The lifeblood of #CommentTuesdays are the comments themselves. If you're writing a blog post specifically for #CommentTuesdays, then get involved and comment on somebody else's blog, too.

- If you don't get any comments right away, give it chance. Tweet your link to your post a couple of times over the course of the day, and if you still get no takers, just ask outright! I'll be keeping an eye on the hashtag at least in the early days and, unless this thing gets real big, I'll drop in and leave my thoughts if nobody else has done!

I realise that hashtags are organic things and don't really 'belong' to anyone, so I'm not expecting to micromanage this - if it changes and takes on a life of its own, so be it. Until that happens, though, I'm hoping the early adopters will be committed enough that everybody gets a couple of decent comments at least - and that no post goes completely without a response.