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A particularly appropriate tweet today from the IPA (Institute of Practitioners in Advertising) makes the link between the digital world and the headline-grabbing oil industry:

"Data is the new oil #ipamobile"

I'm not sure I fully agree, but I get the gist of what they're trying to say - clearly the digital world has massive business potential, which only a small number of firms have fully realised so far.

But there's a subtext to that tweet that probably wasn't really intended, but has particular bearing in the UK with motorists currently panic-buying petrol amid fears of a tanker-driver strike.

The thing is, almost every industry there is depends on the oil industry. Fuel is an essential component in all supply chains - except for digital.

I work from home, and as long as there's electricity in the mains, I can work. My clients never face the prospect of me being unable to make it into the office due to running out of petrol.

Even if I were to become stranded somewhere, I have a netbook. And as long as I can find a Wi-Fi hotspot, I can work.

Flexible Working and Business Continuity

Depending on your business, you might already have flexible working arrangements in place - they've become a legal requirement in recent years, in the UK.

But if none of your employees have ever exercised their right to request flexible working arrangements, you could be in for a spot of bother if strike action takes place and panic-buying continues.

That's where freelancers (like me!) offer a unique alternative - I specialise in web and print copy, so if your in-house blogger can't get there and is stranded away from his or her computer, I can fill in the gaps.

Even if you don't have an in-house blogger or copywriter, hiring someone like me is a cost-effective way to get as much content as you need, without committing to a permanent contract.

Either way, I'm a committed professional who works to high standards, so you wouldn't be putting a have-a-go amateur in charge of your content, and I can quickly pick up any particular tone of voice or in-house style guide you happen to use.

Proposed Strike Action

You can read more about the proposed strike action by British fuel tanker drivers on the Unite website, which carries details of the majority votes cast by five out of seven balloted companies, and of those that voted against taking such action.