OK, let's start something, shall we? It's Saturday, March 24th 2012 and I've decided to make Tuesday, March 27th 2012 my inaugural Comment Tuesday.

It's an easy enough principle - rather than just skim-reading blog posts, on Tuesday I will read at least one in depth, and give a decent, reasoned comment at the end of it.

Why Tuesday? Here's why:

  • I thought of it today while bemoaning the number of posts I make on here that get no comments.
  • It's impossible to start anything vaguely work-related on Twitter at the weekend.
  • I figured I'd save Monday to spread the word among people who aren't online at the weekend.

Ergo, it's gonna be Tuesday.

Now, I've put the feelers out on Twitter and it seems there's a decent amount of support - and obviously there's a bazillion bloggers who tweet out links to their latest blog posts, so the crossover's already there.

It's just a case of finding the right blog posts - I don't want my comments to be frivolous, as that's not really the point.

If you've got any suggestions, tweet me a link - and try to make sure they're other people's blogs, rather than just promoting your own!

Comment Tuesdays - the basics

If you want to get involved, here's the basic premise:

  • On Tuesday, visit a blog, read the post properly, in full, and leave a comment.
  • Your comment should be worthwhile - don't just say 'Great post!', or you may as well not bother.
  • Tweet a link to the post and add the #commenttuesdays hashtag.

Hopefully this'll take on a bit of a life of its own - and hopefully I haven't stumbled upon a hashtag that's already being used somewhere!

Did It Work?

I actually think there's a decent chance that this will be a popular idea, so I'm going to put my reputation on the line and embed the hashtag below so you can all see whether it's done well or not - hopefully Comment Tuesdays will be a regular thing, so the widget below should have some pretty recent tweets in it, whenever you choose to check it!

Also, it's a chance for me to finally use one of my first posts on this blog, Embedding a Twitter Hashtag in a Blog, which is still one of the most frequently visited pages I've ever produced.

It's probably too much to hope that anyone will comment on this page, but if you've got any thoughts, or you just want to get involved, please do - let's make the blogging world an even more chatty place than it already is!