You Can't Put Your Muck In Our Dustbin

The latest instalment of Things I shouldn't put on a 'professional' blog.

2014 has been a bad year for bin collections. There's a fascinating opening line for you - buckle in, this one's gonna be a thrill ride!

When you're a borderline alcoholic (like me!), Glass Bin Day can be quite an important date on your calendar, especially when the 'glass bin' also has all of your empty cans and plastic bottles in it.

In short, everything you've drunk for the past fortnight goes in the same bin. Add to that all of your other packaging waste, and it can get pretty full, pretty fast.

Today was the second Glass Bin Day of the year so far, and the second one I've missed.

Last week was my own fault I guess - our calendar of collection dates covers two years, and both Januaries are listed as being 2014.

To be precise, there's '2013-14' up top, which runs from September 2013 to August 2014, and there's '2014-15' below, which covers the 12 months that follow.

In my post-Christmas, probably red-wine-induced haze, I missed the first New Year bin collection day entirely, while staring at the calendar trying to work out why it seemed to think January 7th was a Wednesday.

This week... well I guess I'm to blame again, but I don't think I'm alone this time.

For a start, putting your bin at the edge of your property before 7am on the day of collection is quite a big ask for a borderline alcoholic, unless you want me wheeling a barrel full of glass down the alley on my way to bed at 4am.

I actually did get it out there for 8am-ish today, as the bin men were coming down the road, and at least one of them watched me put it out.

And once they were gone, I went and checked - and it was still full :( What went wrong? Maybe it was the wrong colour bin?

Well maybe - the calendar does say today was brown (glass) and green (garden waste). But hang on, we live in a mid-terrace, the closest thing anybody on our road has to a garden is about two square metres of concrete outside their front and back doors.

There certainly aren't any green bins, all that means to us is that they don't collect our paper for another fortnight - so those guys who watched me put my bin out must have been there to empty it.

Bollocks to the lot of 'em, I'll lug it all down to Asda and put it in the recycling bins there, I could do with the exercise. And while I'm there, I might just stock up on a few bottles of wine...

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