Jane Arschavir, Hodge Podge Days

Jane is a good friend, so when she needed help transferring her WordPress-hosted blog to her self-hosted domain (http://hodgepodgedays.co.uk/), I was happy to help.

It's one of those processes that can be utterly, utterly bewildering if you've never done it before, but with my experience in setting up new domain names and WordPress blogs, and Jane's contributions in terms of how her page layout and general design should look, we were able to get the nuts and bolts of it in place in an afternoon.

We met with triumph and disaster that day (namely that a bunch of Jane's most recent blog posts didn't import correctly from her archive) and we faced those two impostors just the same, with patience and a pint.

Jane says...

"When I decided that my blog needed to go self-hosted I knew I needed help. I contacted Bobble Bardsley and he sorted it all out for me. From researching my options and walking me through them; to actually setting up my domain and transferring my old blog in its entirety to its new home.

"Bobble was endlessly patient with me and technically brilliant. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anyone looking to go self-hosted, or wanting to do technical jiggery-pokery to their blog."

Jane ain't no dummy, so she did a lot of the work herself, so if you want to see the results of our combined handiwork, head to Hodge Podge Days.

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