'SEO Promotion'

I awoke to an interesting item of spam this morning. It wasn't spam in the usual "make your penis four times bigger!" sense of the word, but it was spurious, advertising, and mail, so I suppose it still qualifies.

Interestingly, it was spam advertising SEO services - which seems odd, because if you're good at SEO, you presumably don't need to go spamming people in order to win business.

The email read as follows:


Hope you are doing well.

We are a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) reseller firm with 175+ executives including Google Analytics and Ad words certified professionals based out of National Capital Region in India. we Have completed more than 1000+ successful seo campaigns.

We have a SEO discount offer going for the following package and promote 14 keywords in this Package: -

We are providing below mentioned work per month (proposal):

Monthly Task and responsibilities:

1. On page Optimization.
2. Manual Directory submission = 180
3. Manual Article submission= 80
4. Social bookmarking = 100
5. Press Release submission = 20
6. One way link building = 20
7. blog comment links = 10
8. Search engine Submission = 30
9. Two Article creation of more than 400 words.
10. One press release creation of more than 400 words.
11. One classified Ad creation.
12. Keyword research.
13. Competitor Analysis.
14. Heading tag changes.
15. Alt tag changes.
16. Interlinking wherever required.
17. Keyword density in site content.
18. HTML Site Map.
19. XML site map and Submission in webmaster tool.
20. Classified ad Posting =10

Let me know if you have any queries, I would be glad to assist.

Kind Regards.
Marketing Manager.

There was a name, and a phone number, and a reply address, but no mention of cost in this 'proposal'.

But putting aside the grammar, the thing that jumped out at me was task 7 above - the promise of ten blog comment links per month.

I mean, it comes as no surprise really, but to see blog comment spamming (I definitely wouldn't expect that this offer includes particularly well thought-out, valuable comments) included as a standard part of an ongoing monthly proposal is... well, just a little sad really.

As for 'search engine submission', again, if you're doing SEO right, with search-visible content, you shouldn't really need to artificially submit your pages to the search engines - it's literally a case of 'if you build it, they will come'.

Needless to say, I won't be taking them up on the offer.