Technical Blogging

Blogging about technical subjects can be a challenge - particularly if your intended audience is not necessarily 'in the know'.

You might understand the intricacies of your topic, but that doesn't make it easy to put them across in words, and being too close to the subject matter can blind you to what's jargon and what's plain English.

However, it's often difficult to find a writer who can understand your industry and who can produce for you a block of text that is:
  • accurate
  • easy to understand
  • search-visible (or marketing-minded, for print publications)
Hire a Genius

The solution is pretty simple - just hire someone who's capable of quickly learning about your product or service, and who can write what you need without confusing your audience.

I've spent my entire life balancing my technical side with my creative side - at college I studied Maths, Physics and English, and at university I passed three semesters of a Physics with Astronomy masters before deciding I couldn't fight my desire to become a writer, and switching to an arts degree.

I'm a certified genius, a member of British Mensa with an IQ in the top 0.5% of the population, and still retain my membership of the Institute of Physics as a science writer.

What this means for you is that, if you're having problems blogging about technical subjects, you can just pay me to do it for you.

What I Can Do

I can write for any format - it doesn't have to be online. I've written print publications about everything from the wholesale wine and spirits trade in Scandinavia, to the oil and gas industry in Nigeria.

Do I know all about these industries? No, of course not. But five years as a journalist after I graduated taught me the research skills needed to find out about a subject quickly, and get accurate content written in time for a deadline.

I still apply those skills on a daily basis, blogging across a frankly huge array of different subject areas for businesses and agency clients.

There are very few topics that I haven't at least touched on since 2006, so don't be afraid to ask if you need examples of my past work.

And I typically don't charge for research - if I need to spend longer learning about your industry, that's my problem, so I'd never raise my price because of it, with the rare exception of needing substantial, specific research in order to complete your project.

Still reading? You're probably at least slightly interested in what I can do for you, if so - please get in touch by email or on Twitter, and I'll happily discuss what you need with no obligations.