Starter Blogs for Businesses

It's no easy task to start a business blog, particularly if you have no web design experience. But for many small businesses, blogging is becoming an increasingly useful way to create brand identity, engage with customers and blog readers, and boost the number of inbound links coming into your main website.

Although I'm not a web designer, I have worked with several companies to create a blog presence for them, and I'm always happy to help anyone who's not sure how to start a business blog on a very limited budget.

With that in mind, I've put together my business blog starter pack.

The Phronesis Business Blog Starter Pack

OK, here we go. First, check my pricing page - the one place where I publish my current basic cost per 1,000 words of content.

Now, for the same normal price you'd pay for 1,000 words as an ordinary copywriting customer, I'm offering this to new small business blogging clients:

  • a basic Blogger template and URL
  • 2,000 words of blogging

You can think of that any way you like - half price content and a free blog template, or even cheaper content with a low-cost blog template, or... well, those are the two main interpretations, I guess.

More details below - but if you're interested and can't find the information you need on this page, please ask a question in the comments box below, or contact me via email or Twitter.


The Blogger template I am offering is not entirely custom-made, but I can tweak one of the site's standard themes to match your company's colour scheme and typefaces used on your main website, and add your logo and other graphics.

I'm offering a very low-budget service here, so support is limited, but I will work to provide you with a fully functional blog template that will work perfectly well as a starting point.

What this gives you is a presence on Blogger, a Google-owned blogging platform, with inbound links to your main website, and a place to engage with your customers.

In terms of the content, I will provide you with 2,000 words of blog content as part of the package - you can specify how long you want your blog posts to be, and we can vary the length of each post as needed.

Even if you have no pre-existing SEO strategy, I will repeat key phrases within each post and choose the anchor text of any hyperlinks carefully for maximum SEO impact.

Blog to the Future

What happens when the 2,000 words run out? Well, I can continue to provide you with content at my normal basic rate, depending on your needs.

I will, of course, give you full access to the blog and transfer ownership to you once the invoice for the business blog starter pack is paid, so you can go it alone once the first batch of content is completed if you wish.

This is an unashamedly basic package for small businesses who might not be able to afford a blog presence any other way - I'm genuinely passionate about helping individuals, small e-commerce operations and starter firms to build their brand, so I hope I can help several of you to get started.


This is a cut-price service, and creating your blog template will take me a certain amount of time. If I'm particularly busy with other work, I may be unable to take new orders for business starter blogs, just as I sometimes have to turn down offers of other work - if I'm unable to fit you in, I'll tell you as soon as possible after receiving your enquiry.