You may recognise me from...

...the notice board at The Sanctuary.

My first foray into print advertising (well, for myself rather than for a client) is a simple flyer tacked up by the door to the toilets. You've got to start somewhere.

On a serious note, Twitter has been a great way to reach people so far, but there's nothing wrong with exploiting all the available routes to market, as any 'expert' will tell you.

With a simple flyer - complete, of course, with those little rip-off strips of contact details - there's every possibility of reaching more local businesses than those who regularly use Twitter.

The Sanctuary itself is not the most prolific of profile updaters, although they do use Twitter and Facebook to promote special offers and events, so it forms a nice bridge between the real and 'social' worlds.

I'm not expecting miracles, but clearly there's a connection between the venue and the virtual world - they have QR codes up, advertising a mystery promotion - and it's as popular for coffee, food and live music as for its cold lager and cask ales.

So, hopefully, this will help me to work with a few more Didsbury businesses - I know I can write copy for anyone, but a bit of geographical focus helps to keep things running in a straight line, rather than becoming a tangled web!

If you saw my flyer and it brought you here - even if you didn't take a tear-off strip and don't want any work doing - let me know, I'd love to hear from you in the comments below, by email or on Twitter.