Happy Birthday, Creative Boom!

July marked the second birthday of Creative Boom and August signifies the two-year milestone since the launch of its daily comic strip column, Daily Fix.

It's not all laughs though - site founder Katy Cowan says there were plenty of late nights and lost weekends in the early days, while the labour of love still needs constant attention to help it flourish.

"The original idea behind Creative Boom was to give creatives across the UK a place to virtually get together and share their talents, along with news updates and opportunities," she says.

As well as her 20,000+ Twitter followers, the site receives 50,000 monthly visitors and is already on its fifth redesign - proof, if any were needed, of the creative mind behind its inception.

Creative Boom is not a business, either, as Katy and husband Tom (the software engineer who helped her to develop the site) plough any profits into its maintenance and development.

In a time when the world seems divided between big-business and people who are practically unemployed, it's great to see someone supporting the little people.

Freelancers - and particularly creatives, whose work is naturally project-based - need all the help they can get, and Creative Boom is the essential meeting place they need to share thoughts and ideas.

I'm a little late for the birthday itself, but I'd still like to send my best wishes to Katy, Tom and everyone involved in making Creative Boom a success - happy birthday, guys!

Keep up the good work and a generation of designers, artists and other creative types are in good hands.