Get the Most Out of Blogger Labels

If you have a particularly complex label structure on your Blogger/BlogSpot blog, you're likely to have encountered the 200-character limit on the number of labels you can add.

However, 200 characters is quite a lot, so there's every possibility that you only just exceeded the limit. If so, look a little closer at your labels and you might just be able to squeeze them in after all.

Blogger automatically adds a space after each comma-separated label - but this is not needed. You only need commas to denote where one label ends and the next begins.

So, remove the spaces. Depending on your average label length, this could buy you anywhere from about 10 to 20 extra characters, a decent percentage of the 200 characters allowed.

Publish with this slightly cramped-looking labels list and view your post. With the templates I've tried this on, the labels show up just fine, with spaces between them.

No negative impact on functionality, but a positive impact in terms of flexibility for you as the author. In the words of Neil Buchanan, "go on, try it yourself".