How do you pronounce router?

Just a quick note on one of my personal bugbears - the pronunciation of 'router' in British English.

There are two main meanings of ROUTER in UK English:
  • a network ROUTER decides the ROUTE taken by data around a network;
  • a woodwork ROUTER is used to ROUT a channel into a wooden surface.

Now, in US English, 'rout' and 'route' are pronounced the same - and rhyme with 'out' (as far as I know).

But in UK English, 'route' is pronounced 'root' - so a network router should be pronounced 'rooter'.

If you're talking about a 'network ROUTer', and you're in the UK, you either sound like an American, or you sound like your powertools have a Wi-Fi connection.

Actually, that would be pretty sweet...