Time to update embedded Google Maps

The new Google Maps launched in February, and should be nearing the completion of its rollout on to desktops all over the world - read Google's announcement here.

But if you have a Google Map embedded into your website (and you should, if you have a physical location for people to find), it might be worth double checking that everything still looks as intended.

In particular, this is important if your business's marker on Google Maps is not quite in the right place.

Last month I looked at how to move a marker on New Google Maps, and used my dad's patio slabs business as an example (you can visit his blog here).

The map above should show the marker for Regal Concretes in exactly the right place - I know, because I put it there - but since the updated version of Google Maps launched, I've had to do some maintenance on the version of the map shown on my dad's blog.

That's because, until the marker was moved to the right place, I was using latitude and longitude coordinates to show it on the embedded map.

Under the old Google Maps, this wasn't a problem, as the lat-long coordinates were not displayed anywhere; but since the update, the embedded map (which is admittedly not huge) had a caption at the top-left AND one alongside the marker, both displaying the full lat-long coordinates of my dad's premises - not especially useful.

Having moved the marker to the right place, I was this time able to simply centre the map on my dad's business name, and embed a new version - I also opted for a road map view, rather than a satellite view, as map view is much sleeker under New Google Maps.

If you have embedded Google Maps on your blog or website, check them asap - making a new one is as simple as searching for your business, clicking the cog at bottom-right, and choosing the 'share or embed' option.

With such a simple process, there's no excuse for having an outdated map centred on a misplaced marker - so check it today!