Happy 7th Adferversary!

September 18th 2013 is officially seven years since my first day of work at online news agency Adfero.

It's already more than two years since I left Adfero - and as regular readers will know, they've since rebranded as Axonn Media and shifted from news to a more general web marketing structure - but this is still a special date on my personal calendar.

That's because, on September 17th 2006, I was a recent graduate still cooking chicken burgers at McDonald's, while the following day, I was an online news correspondent - which, essentially, is what I still am today.

While I now write in a much broader range of styles, including blogging and static web content, as well as for print, I'm proud of the nearly-five years I spent at Adfero, and the massive amount of content I produced during that time.

I'm pleased to still be in touch with some of my most valued colleagues from Adfero - many of whom are now working or travelling in countries all over the world (they're an adventurous bunch...!).

And it's nice to be able to add another year to my official career history, with another major milestone coming next month as well.

From October 2013, it will be a frankly terrifying 15 years since I first started developing websites and writing online.

My first major contribution to the web, those of you who know me will already know, was www.donnaair.co.uk, a fansite dedicated to the TV presenter and all-round fashionable gal Donna Air.

It's gone through several incarnations over the past 15 years, and as a labour of love, it tends to suffer slightly when I'm busy with other things, but it's very much still on the go.

So, depending on which way you look at it, I either have seven years of experience at what I do, or very nearly 15 - not a bad achievement if I say so myself, and a number I'm looking forward to watching grow in the years to come.