Carole Bryant,

Attitudinal life coach Carole Bryant emailed me to ask for my help with setting up Google Authorship on her website, - and I was more than happy to take a look at what she needed to do to complete the process, so that hopefully her articles will soon appear with her Google+ profile information alongside them in Google's search results.

She was so pleased with my help that we're now discussing ways we can work together on more formal terms, and I hope to be able to help Carole with the general SEO and search visibility of her website in the near future.

Carole says...
"Bob, I appreciate so much your responding with information I can use to fix my Google Authorship problems. This was so generous of you to help me. You even apologized for taking a couple of days to respond :) I can tell you are a generous and very kind guy.

"I like the name of your blog, Phronesis Freelance, and the meaning behind it. This speaks volumes in our world. It is a principle I enthusiastically endorse, as well.

"After reading some of your articles, and exploring your services, I would like to learn more about your SEO help. I would like to work with you because of your knowledge and because of who you are as a person. I signed up to follow you on Twitter, and recommended you to a friend who can use your services. You are a walking testimonial of giving and receiving.

"Thank you. I am thoroughly impressed with your integrity!"
To learn more about Carole, visit her website at