Didsbury in my heart, Leigh in my address

So it seems my time as a Didsbury copywriter has, for now, come to an end - I've moved to Leigh. But don't worry, Didsburgers, I won't forget you.

I'll still be on Twitter, and I'll be back in person often enough too - I wouldn't know where to buy gifts without Harriet and Dee, or toys without Giddy Goat Toys, or San Miguel without the Sanctuary... well OK, they have beer in Leigh, but it'll take a while to find anywhere that feels so much like a home from home.

Wilmslow Road, Didsbury Village by Firing up the quattro....

While this move isn't forever, it could be a while before I'm back living in Didsbury, and I'd hate to lose touch with you all.

With that in mind, I'm offering a minimum of 10% off my usual rates (which, as always, can be found here) if your billing address is in the M20 postcode district. Call it part of my commitment to being a Didsbury copywriter, even if I'm not living there any more.

Individuals and small businesses, if your budget is particularly tight, I can usually work out a deal that will provide you with useful content at a price that still allows you to turn a profit, so if the 10% offer isn't enough, please still get in touch.

Meanwhile, in Leigh...

Market Street, Leigh by Gene Hunt

I'm equally keen to establish myself as a Leigh copywriter as to hang on to my status as a Didsbury copywriter.

As such, I'm offering the 10% discount to any new customers with a Leigh billing address, with the same offer to negotiate further if your budget demands it, and the discount is available until June 27th 2013 (my birthday!) as I'll probably be taking a few days off around then to spend in the beer garden of The Waterside.

From what I've seen of Leigh so far, I reckon there's money to be made for businesses that can build their online presence - the mix of big brand stores and independent retailers is just right for those who know how to compete to really make a name for themselves.

Did I love Didsbury? Yes, and I still do. It may take a while before I'm ready to put 'Leigh copywriter' on my business cards, at the expense of all other locations that are close to my heart, but I'm hitting the ground running in my new home, and ready to take orders from those of you who haven't been able to find a good writer up until now.

All the usual contact details are below - email and Twitter work best/fastest, but we can arrange phone calls and in-person meetings too if it helps.