Adfero become Axonn Media

Axonn Media is the new name - and face - of my former employers Adfero for 2013, and I wish them the very best of luck in their new guise.

There's a new website - - a new Twitter account (@AxonnMedia) and a snazzy new logo that I'll willingly admit to quite liking.

Adfero were a big part of my life (more info here) - they gave me my first graduate position, a role that lasted almost five years and took me into middle management at the head of a team of 7-8 news correspondents.

Now, from an outsider perspective, I can understand why they're moving away from their former core offering of online news, and into more general content marketing.

If nothing else, the size of the market alone makes it a good move, while any new regulation of news providers following the Leveson Inquiry could make it wise to have interests in non-news content (an issue I'm keeping an eye on myself, just in case).

Whatever the reasons, I'd like to wish Axonn Media the very best of luck for 2013 - the new brand identity is strong and stylish, and a name change ('Adfero' is Latin for 'bringing news') certainly makes sense if they're moving away from 'just' providing news articles.

It's almost two years since I left Adfero/Axonn Media, and while nobody leaves a job they're 100% happy with, I have plenty of happy moments to look back fondly upon, not to mention a few friends for life among my former colleagues.

As this new chapter begins in the company's history, I wish only the very best for my friends who are still working there, and for new graduates just starting out on their content-writing careers with Axonn Media.