21st Century Hobo

I'm a digital transient, a binary tramp;
looking for a web page
on which to leave my stamp.

Once I had a running mate,
a computer with a name;
and while the modern day's convenient,
it isn't quite the same.

That permanent companion
is now a motley horde
of gadgets and of gizmos
on which my life is stored.

None of them are 'me',
for none of them is whole.
Each holds but a little piece
of my virtual soul.

I could no more unify
all these digital 'me's
than I could scoop up the windfalls
and reattach them to the trees.

No matter; sites and archives
do not make me 'defined'
- and while I am a geek,
I hope I'm not that kind.

So as I wander from screen to screen
- TV, computer, laptop, phone -
I'm a 21st-century hobo;
a thousand virtual worlds, and none to call home.