Awards and Nominations

Some of my biggest clients are agencies, and while it's always good to see them happy with their content, it's even better to see them nominated for awards.

I'm not claiming to have single-handedly gained anybody an award nomination, but I'll be using this page to keep track of who's picked up a nomination - or even outright won an award - while I've been providing them with content.


BloggerzAreUs specialise in web copy for the egaming sector, providing news updates, blog posts and other such content to online casinos, poker and bingo sites, and other entertainment venues.

I'm part of their freelance writing team, and it's an ongoing relationship that is both stimulating and rewarding - in my former career as an in-house agency-based online journalist, I was often referred to as Bobble 'Bingo' Bardsley, so it's great to continue writing about a subject that, for some reason, I've always found I loved.

BloggerzAreUs picked up a nomination for the EGR B2B Awards 2012 in the 'services rising star of the year' as one of seven shortlisted nominees - you can see the full list here.

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