The Feltham of the Opera

Rachel Feltham of BD Recruitment is one of my most cherished Twitter friends, along with Claire Lomax, formerly of BD and now at Instinct.

Both of them are mould-breakers, recruitment consultants who actually care about the candidates on their books, rather than pitching role after unsuitable role and generally wasting everybody's time.

Rachel has an added distinctive feature - connect with her on LinkedIn, and you're as likely to find the next job ad written in song-lyrics form as you are to see bullet points and key candidate requirements.

I'm partial to a bit of song parody myself, so I often fling a few lyrics Rachel's way on Twitter - and you may well have seen one of my previous rewrites on here.

The piece below came to me late last night, as I sat in the quiet of my darkened lounge, a refuge from the bustle and business of the day, and is written to fit one of my favourite musical compositions.

Rachel, I hope you like it!

Sentence, forming, with no words of warning.
Typing - writing - with artificial lighting.
Instinct now is ruling, from 20 years of schooling,
helping to decide which words I write.
For I compose the language of the night.

Alarm bells, ringing, bleary eyes are stinging.
Salesmen calling, concentration's falling.
Later, with a beer, now everything is clear
and what was wrong in daytime now feels right;
yes, this is the language of the night.

Snuff the lights, for the lights will only show the room
and the room isn't what I need to see.
In the dark, it is easy to perceive
that the words are just as they should be...

Deftly, gently, words are elimentary,
type them, write them, never try to fight them.
Let the darkened room be a crib and not a tomb;
inspiration brings its golden light
and helps me write the language of the night.

Snuff the lights, start conversing with my inner voice,
and my inner voice tells me what to say.
In the dark, then the words can set me free
and I can see they're just as they should be.

Sing each sentence, passion's in attendance;
nudging, steering, now the haze is clearing.
Darkness is my friend, now my opus has been penned,
lifts my senses to the highest height
as I compose the language of the night.

You alone can help my words take flight
as I write the language of the night.