Custom Permalinks for Blogger

Creating custom permalinks on Blogger is easier than you might think - but is far from elegant.

The URL of each post you publish is based on the Title of your post. However, if you later change the Title, the URL stays the same.

So to create a custom permalink, just make sure you initially give your post the same Title as you want to use in its URL.

Once the URL is created and fixed, you can edit the post and change the Title to something more catchy - its address on the web will stay the same.

It's not a way of going back to change permalinks of previous posts, but it's a sneaky little workaround for Blogger users who want control of the permalinks for their future blog updates.

NB Check the URL of this post and you'll see I originally went with 'how to create custom permalinks on Blogger' for SEO purposes. After posting, I changed to the text you see above. Watch out for the URL truncating, like this one did, if you use a lengthy Title to begin with.

You can argue with me on Twitter about whether it harms your SEO to have a different Title and URL - personally I think, at least in some cases, it's more valuable to have full control over each variable separately, than have them forced to match.


Παιδί και Εργοθεραπεία said...

Hi, I found your article very helpful, but I'd like to ask you this:
Using your trick for the post's title, is it possible to create a permalink that contains non-latin characters (i.e. greek)? It would greatly help the retrieval of my posts (in greek language)

bobble said...

Good question! I honestly don't know if that's possible, but it's worth a try. I don't really have much experience with non-latin URLs, although I think 'internationalised' domain names are something ICANN are working on at the moment, so it shouldn't be too long before they're a common feature of many of the world's major languages, whatever character sets they use.

Cheryl said...

Hey, thanks for the article. But do you know how to customize the permalink in a way that it shows only the article's title without year, month, date, etc. in front? I mean in that way:

bobble said...

Hey Cheryl, unfortunately I don't think that's possible - Blogger has a few clear limitations, and the URL structure itself is one thing you can't change. You're limited to the page name itself, but the year and month are mandatory as far as I know.

Muhammad Shoaib said...

nice post about How to Customize Permalinks for Blogger Posts

bobble said...

Thanks Muhammad, looks like Google are finally making custom permalinks possible - now it's just a case of seeing how long it takes them to transfer that function from the draft Blogger site to the main one!

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