Online Marketing on a Budget

I hope this post doesn't sound too self-serving - I genuinely believe it's all true, and not just an advertisement for the service I can provide myself.

We're in turbulent times and that means that there's pretty soon going to be opportunities for growth, but very little spare cash around to capitalise on them.

This leaves you - as the title of this post suggests - online marketing on a budget. Potentially a very tight budget indeed.

Your usual options are not great - you've got a website and you want it to become more search visible.

Making any changes risks the following:
  • adding text can disrupt fixed-size layouts

  • rewording text completely can destroy any existing SEO work

  • optimising text can result in ungrammatical sentences
So what are your options?

What you need is a freelancer with a round knowledge of all the relevant issues.

On the web side:
  • HTML and website design

  • Content management systems and online publishing

  • Search visibility and social media buzz
In terms of specifically SEO:
  • On-page optimisation

  • Impact of headers, anchor text, title attributes etc

  • Short- and long-tail keywording skills - without destroying grammar
  • Experience writing on almost every topic and industry area

  • Expert knowledge of English language - including common pitfalls

  • Flexibility of voice to suit different types of audience
Consumer psychology:
  • What prompts people to make a purchase

  • How the written word can influence this - including colour, emphasis and typeface

  • The right tone of voice for a particular product or service
It's not easy to find all of these characteristics at any price, let alone on a strict online marketing budget. In my case, you get them all in one man.

I can write static landing page content for your site, or engaging and interesting opinion pieces for your blog.

If you currently have a five-page basic site, one addition a week could make it ten times the size a year from now, all searchable and compelling content.

Bigger sites can still benefit from a marketing blog as a first port of call and a return destination for engaged readers and would-be customers.

Whatever you need, if you're looking at a budget of less than three figures a month, it's not impossible. Take a look at my pricing and see if there's a way of getting what you need - I'm happy to talk through the options.

If you just want to get in touch, please do - you can tweet me @bobblebardsley or email and I'll reply as soon as possible.

Don't think that it's impossible - there is always a way.